New mooring facility for Pilot Station Vessels P-class, Vlissingen

The Netherlands (2016)

Project facts:

  • Client

    Municipality of Vlissingen

  • Organisation Dutch Pilot Association

  • Implementation period 2016 - 2017

  • Project budget > € 75.000

The challenge

The quay wall of the Visserijkade in the Binnenhaven of Vlissingen is outdated and no longer meets the safety standards. There is a high potential risk that the steel sheet pile construction will collapse if large ships are mooring and exert heavy loads on the bollards and the quay. The municipality of Vlissingen has taken safety measures as the quay is used by the Dutch pilot vessels PSV POLARIS and PSV POLLUX on a daily basis. For example, a new steel mooring facility will be installed in front of the quay.

Copyright pictures: Rijkswaterstaat, Nederlandse Loodswezen, Walhout Civil


Our activities

Walhout Civil has designed a new mooring facility for the municipality of Vlissingen, in close collaboration with the Dutch Pilotage Association. The design consists of - 26 meters long - steel dolphins, bollard facilities and robust platforms. The civil engineers at Walhout Civil have carried out geotechnical analyzes, in which the interaction and required pile-driving frequencies between the tubular piles and the quay wall have been determined. Contractor De Klerk Waterbouw will start with the pile-driving work and the installation of the mooring facility in June 2017.

An overview of our activities:

  • Geotechnical investigations (CPT tests)
  • Review and revaluation of quay construction
  • Wind load analysis Pilot Station Vessels
  • Mooring analysis Pilot Station Vessels
  • Design of mooring facility and dolphins
  • Interaction analysis of tubular piles and quay
  • Implementation and supervision