Reconstruction of monumental quay wall Vissersdijk, Zierikzee

The Netherlands (2018)

Project facts:

  • Client

    Municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland

  • Organisation Contractor F.L. Liebregts B.V.

  • Implementation period 2017 - 2018

  • Project budget > € 675.000

The challenge

The municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland intends to replace the quay wall along the Vissersdijk in Zierikzee. Multiple inspections have shown that the quay has deformed and does no longer meet the current technical requirements. Hereby, it is financially no longer profitable for the municipality to repair and maintain the quay. The quay wall is located in the historical and monumental inner city-centre of Zierikzee, and has a waterretaining function. The challenge is to install the sheet piles without vibration and prevent settlement of monumental buildings.

"Successful collaboration creates civil engineering masterpiece"

> Mun. of Schouwen-Duiveland

Our contribution

Walhout Civil has been commissioned to assist the municipality during all construction phases. Walhout Civil played an important role in the assessment of the design reports, project management plans and tender. The tender was carried out based on the Best Value Procurement. Contractors were asked to submit project plans and innovative solutions. There was a potential risk gap between the purchase (preliminary design) and the final scope of the project (execution design), because the execution design has been finalized after the awarding of the contract. Walhout Civil assisted the municipality during the tender to make the right contractual and technical decisions, in such a way that the project was realized at market-conform costs, with the highest quality.


Deformation monitoring

The new quay wall was realized with heavy sheet piles and anchors. Along to the building site are monumental buildings situated, in which an high-tech electronics company is located. The company develops high-quality electronic equipment in quiet R&D rooms. The risk of noise nuisance, vibrations and subsidence of the building should be zero. Therefore a state-of-the-art, vibration-free printing method was used to install the sheet piling. The deformations and vibrations were continuously monitored and tested. Walhout Civil supervised the progress and quality of project on the building site.

An overview of our activities:

  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Cone penetration tests
  • Procurement strategy and tender process
  • Best Value Procurement contract
  • Information meeting during tender
  • Technical review design quay wall
  • Supervision and assessments
  • Report of Delivery


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