Renovation quay wall Marina Zuidzijde, Brouwershaven

The Netherlands (2016)

Project facts:

  • Client

    Municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland

  • Organisation Aquavia (KWS Infra)

  • Implementation period 2016 - 2017

  • Project budget € 795,000

The challenge

The municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland is renovating the marina in Brouwershaven. Inspections showed that the quay walls are no longer financially profitable to maintain and needs to be renewed. The municipality decided to install new sheet pile walls, based on research and Lean Management assessments with Walhout Civil and contractor Aquavia. Concrete elements with a basalt motif are placed in front of the sheet piles to maintain the historical character of the marina. The sheet piles are installed by use of a vibration-free pressure system in order to prevent crack-initiation process in the construction work of nearby buildings.

Our contribution

Walhout Civil assisted the municipality as a consultant party during the preparation, procurement and contract management of the new quay wall construction. In addition to the preliminary research, we played an important role in the assessment of the bid and proposals, design reports and project management plans. The feasibility, safety, sustainability and quality of the contractor's plans have been crucial in the procurement stage. The project was completed in a very short period and far before the summer of 2017. The municipality has proved again that coorperation with professional parties based on Lean Management is very successful. A summary of our activities:

  • Archive research and geotechnical soil testing
  • Procurement strategy and bidding process
  • Participation in Lean Management sessions
  • Advising and review of designs
  • Preparation of design reviews
  • Preparation of alternative design
  • Review of all project management plans